Walk Your Dog Month: Motivating Wellness in 2024!

Unlocking Medicare Coverage Tips to Keep You on Track All Year Long

As we stride into the new year, what better way to embrace a healthier lifestyle than by celebrating “Walk Your Dog Month”? The simple act of walking your dog not only brings joy to your furry companion but also holds the key to enhancing your overall health and well-being. In the spirit of this canine-inspired fitness journey, let’s explore how a daily stroll with your pet aligns seamlessly with your wellness goals. Plus, we’ll tap into the wealth of preventative and wellness benefits that Medicare Advantage plans may offer to support your healthiest year yet.

1. Physical Fitness Boost

Regular walks are a fantastic way to stay active. Did you know that Medicare Part B offers preventive services, including screenings, vaccines and wellness visits? To learn more you may visit Medicare.gov. for a list of covered screenings and preventative services.

Take advantage of these benefits to keep your health on track this new year.

2. Mental Wellness Unleashed

Walking not only benefits your body but also your mind. Incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, and remember, mental health is an essential part of overall well-being.  Remember, your Medicare Part B coverage may offer mental health services and counseling options.

3. Social Connections Wagging Along

Walking your dog provides an excellent opportunity to socialize. Whether you’re meeting fellow dog owners or chatting with neighbors, these connections contribute to a sense of community.   

Walking with your pals, dog owners or not, is the perfect way to incorporate some socializing in your day, providing a mental boost while keeping you engaged and connected to those around you.

4. Paws and Perks: Strengthening Bonds and Unveiling Wellness Benefits

Engaging in regular activities with your dog not only strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion but also ensures that you stay active consistently!  Did you know some Medicare Advantage plans offer additional wellness benefits like gym memberships or fitness programs?  Check your plan details to make the most of these perks.

5. Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

As you embrace walking your dog a little more this month and set those 2024 New Year’s goals to stay active and healthy, remember to explore your Medicare coverage benefits.  The MA OEP is a time where you are allowed to switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan or go back to Original Medicare from January 1-March 31st and is the opportunity to make changes to a plan that better aligns with your health needs.

Let’s navigate your plan details together and ensure you’re equipped to embrace a vibrant and active lifestyle this new year! Contact us for personalized assistance or any questions you may have on optimizing your Medicare coverage. Here’s to a year of well-being and wagging tails!

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