Is Your Mental Health in Good Hands with Medicare?

Medicare and Mental Health
We’re finally starting to get into times where talking about mental health isn’t taboo anymore. People are more open than ever before about their mental health because admitting that you’re not doing well is ok! Taking steps to see someone for counseling is far more commonplace than it might have been a decade ago, and they can be the first steps to a happier life. Therapy and counseling, though, aren’t cheap affairs, and they’re a privilege that a lot of people across the country aren’t afforded. If you’re on a Medicare plan, will you be covered for any mental health needs? Are there a bunch of copays involved? What is the relationship between Medicare and mental health? Let’s dive in to see where you are covered and where you aren’t.

What is your Mental Health Medicare Coverage?

Part A

A lot of services are covered when it comes to Medicare and mental health, fortunately enough. If you are undergoing a mental health episode or need to have your medications modified, then you can opt for staying at a facility or a hospital under the coverage of Part A. This means you don’t need to worry about costs at either a general hospital or a psychiatric hospital. Part A makes sure to cover all inpatient mental health services that you may receive. This coverage extends to:

  • Medications
  • Lab Tests
  • A room
  • Meals
  • Therapy or appropriate treatment 

You are also covered with inpatient nursing care. Not all mental health conditions can be taken care of on an inpatient basis, though. What about the coverage for outpatient care?

Part B

Thanks to the coverage of Part B in Original Medicare, many outpatient services are taken care of. While this offers you services that help you navigate your mental health outside of a general or psychiatric hospital, Part B also covers preventative screenings that can get you help before your condition worsens. For instance, you are covered for:

  • Annual depression screenings
  • Family counseling
  • Single or group therapy
  • Diagnostic tests

You’ll have access to professionals like psychiatrists or physicians to make appointments according to your plan with Medicare and mental health to figure out if you require medication. You are also covered for clinical psychologists and lab tests ordered by doctors. On top of these services, you are also given your yearly wellness visit where you can discuss both your physical and your mental health. 

Part D

Just like it would under other given circumstances relating to your health, Part D is responsible for covering your medication needs. Of the drugs that are verifiably covered are anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and antipsychotic medications. Not all drugs that relate to mental health are covered, though. Contact one of our licensed representatives today to find out if your plan covers specific medications you need to stay feeling good. 

Part C

Also known as Medicare Advantage Plan, Part C offers you the same coverage as listed above in Original Medicare, just on a more privatized basis. It also will include your prescription drug coverage without needing to be signed onto Part D. 

So What do You Need to Pay?

After you’ve paid your Part B deductible for visits to the doctor or hospital for your mental health conditions, you are liable for 20% of the Medicare-approved amount. You may also have to pay copays or coinsurance depending on how your plan is set up. For more information on what Medicare and mental health, visit Medicare.gov or contact one of our licensed representatives. It’s ok to not be ok, but it makes it easier to deal with when you have a support system you can rely on. Know that you are cared about and your mental health is significant and needs to be taken care of.